The EU transitions towards a more digital and greener economy require young people entering the labor market to have at least digital, entrepreneurship, and career management skills. Career management skills (CMS) equip individuals with transversal (key) competencies to better manage and develop their potential in education, work, and life. According to ELGPN: “Career Management Skills refer to a range of competencies which provide structured ways for individuals and groups to gather, analyze, synthesize and organize self, educational and occupational information, as well as the skills to make and implement decisions and transitions”. 
Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected education and training activities across Europe in many ways. and it has  proved an important testing ground for online training and career guidance, as in-person services were not available.


The aim of the project is twofold: On the one hand, it will assist career counselors/trainers in introducing a "blended guidance" in online career management training and thus overcome the challenges that COVID-19 caused. On the other hand, it will introduce personal brand as a new method in career management training, that will help job seekers access the job market of their preference.

Target group

Direct: Tertiary education students (mostly those from ICT departments), Career guidance counselors/coaches working in Higher Education institutions

Indirect: Schools, Training Institutions, job agencies, policy makers, ICT companies, VET organizations


The main results of the project are three:
-Personal Branding Skills and Actions Identification: A framework comprises the definition of soft skills and relevant actions necessary for developing a personal brand. 

-CV generator: An online tool that will “profile” learners by identifying their personality elements. It will then organize the information on the CV according to the skills that characterize them the most. 

-Guide on Personal Branding: A guide that will be addressed to career guidance counselors/coaches, enabling them to develop online activities relevant to personal brand. The Guide will contain information and guidelines that will help counselors/coaches incorporate the CV Generator into their training approaches. Furthermore, the guide will propose several online tools that can be used during distance learning, enabling them in this way to adopt a digital approach.